What Is An Electric Surfboard?

An electric surfboard is a surfboard that is propelled through the water by an onboard electric motor. There are three types of electric surfboards: electric SUPs (eSUP), electric jetboards (esurfboard) and electric hydrofoils (efoil).

An electric SUP is a standup paddle surfboard with an onboard electric motor. ESUPs are not very fast, tend to be significantly more stable, and are excellent choices for beginners, kids, and people who are more interested in cruising. They also tend to be cheaper than esurfboards and foils.

An electric jetboard is a surfboard that uses either a jet engine or a propeller to achieve a higher speed through the water. Built for racing or carving with style, esurfboards are for more experienced riders seeking thrills on the water. Also, as more speed requires more power, they tend to be more expensive than comparable eSUPs and are priced similarly to efoils.

An electric hydrofoil is a surfboard that has both an electric motor and a hydrofoil wing for propulsion and easy gliding at speed. Efoils are significantly more difficult to ride than eSUPs and esurfboards and require a rider with more experience and coordination. However, once mastered, it is one smooth ride! Also, requiring less power once the wing kicks-in, efoils tend to be slightly cheaper than esurfboards.

A Short History Of The Electric Surfboard

The first known hydrofoil appears in a British patent granted to Emmanuel Denis Farcot in 1869. However, it wasn’t until approximately 2016 that the technology was first publicly applied to an electric hydrofoil surfboard by Don Montague, head of R&D for Naish International.

Who Makes Electric Surfboards?

The following manufacturers make electric SUPs:

Sipaboards LogoSipaboards
Models: Drive
Torque Jetboards LogoTorque
Models: iSUP

The following manufacturers make electric jetboards:

Onean LogoOnean
Models: Carver X, Carver Twin, Manta
Radinn LogoRadinn
Models: Carve, Explore, Freeride,

The following manufacturers make electric hydrofoils:

Flite LogoFlite
Models: Fliteboard
Lift LogoLift
Models: Cruiser, Explorer, Pro, Sport

Electric Surfboards In The News


Manufacturers: Flite, Lift, Onean, Radinn, Sipaboards