What Is Wind Power?

Wind power is, also referred to as wind energy, is a renewable energy source generated by harnessing the wind and converting its mechanical power into electricity using wind turbines, generators, and other standard power generating equipment. Wind power is widely promoted as a cost-effective and environmentally responsible alternative to energy produced by burning fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal and accounts for approximately 24% of all energy consumed in the United States.

A Short History Of Wind Power

Wind power was originally used in ancient times to power rudimentary sailboats. In 1750 B.C., the first mechanical wind energy application appeared in King Hammurabi’s Codexin the form of windmills. In 1888, Charles Brush invented the “wind dynamo” that Scientific American magazine hailed as “the only successful system of electric lighting operated by means of wind power.”

How Much Wind Power Is Being Generated?

Currently, there are more than 250,000 wind turbines operating worldwide generating approximately 500 GW.

Wind Power In The News


Producers: Alliant Energy, GE, Leading Edge, Makemu, Xcel Energy