What Is An Electric Skateboard?

An electric skateboard, also referred to as an eskateboard or e-skate, is personal transporter that incorporates a small electric motor into or onto a skateboard. In contrast, traditional skateboards are solely foot-powered, using the rider’s own thrust for propulsion. Electric skateboards control speed with either a wireless hand-held remote or by the rider leaning forward to accelerate and backward to brake. Direction of travel is still controlled as with traditional skateboards, by tilting the deck left or right.

A Short History Of The Electric Skateboard

Who Makes Electric Skateboards?

The following manufacturers make electric skateboards:

Acton Blink LogoActon Blink
Models: Blink S-R, Blink S2, Blink Qu4tro
Backfire Skateboards LogoBackfire Skateboards
Models: G2 Black, G3, G3 Plus, Galaxy, Mini, Ranger X2, Zealot
Boosted Boards LogoBoosted Boards
Models: Mini S, Mini X, Plus, Stealth, V2 Dual, V2 Plus, V3-T
Evolve Skateboards LogoEvolve Skateboards
Models: Bamboo, Carbon, Stoke
Meepo Board Logo
Meepo Board
Models: AWD Pro, Mini 2, NLS Belt, NLS Pro, V3
Mellow Boards LogoMellow Boards
Models: Mellow Drive (Fits Almost Any Board)
Onewheel LogoOnewheel
Models: Pint, XR
Razor LogoRazor
Models: RazorX Cruiser, RazorX DLX, RazorX Longboard, RipStick Electric
TeamGee LogoTeamGee
Models: H2O, H2O Mini, H2OT, H5, H8, H9

Electric Skateboards In The News


Manufacturers: Acton Blink, Backfire Skateboards, Boosted Boards, Evolve Skateboards, Meepo Board, Mellow Boards, Onewheel, Razor, TeamGee