What Is An Electric Wheelchair?

Electric Wheelchairs

An electric wheelchair, also referred to as an electric-powered wheelchair or EPW, is propelled by using electrical energy to power an electric motor. In contrast, traditional wheelchairs are manually powered using the occupant’s arms and hands. Electric wheelchairs are not a recent innovation with early prototypes dating back to the early 1930s. However, a recent surge … [Read More]

Nino Robotics Receives Electric Wheelchairs Investment

Nino Robotics Electric Wheelchair Riding

Nino Robotics, maker of the sleek Nino connected electric wheelchair, has received a significant investment from French electric car manufacturer Renault. In addition to financial support, Renault will lend its technical expertise to the development of Nino Robotics’ upcoming Nino4, a next-generation smart seated personal transporter. What Does Nino Robotics Make? Nino Robotics designs and … [Read More]