Tesla Solar Roof Installers Needed, Training Provided

Tesla Solar Roof Installers Needed

Tesla Energy is in dire need of qualified Solar Roof installers and is offering free training, no experience required. Successful applicants will get to work with Tesla’s latest solar technology, learning to complete Solar Roof installations safely and on time. Solar Roofers lead Tesla’s mission to accelerate the world’s transition from fossil fuels to sustainable … [Read More]

Serial 1 Cycle Company Harley Davidson eBike Spin-Off

Serial 1 Cycle Company eBike

Serial 1 Cycle Company, a Harley Davidson spin-off, is announcing the availability of its first electric bicycle at midnight on November 16, 2020. Unlike several other ebike companies that simply license prestigious names to slap on their Chinese designed and manufactured products, Harley-Davidson and Serial 1 are designing their ebicycles in-house and making them right … [Read More]

Lavo Hydrogen Fuel Cell A Tesla Powerwall Rival

Lavo Hybrid Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Lavo Hydrogen Technology has introduced their new Lavo system, a hybrid hydrogen fuel cell battery for the home to compete with the Tesla Powerwall. The Lavo system will combine with rooftop solar panels to deliver sustainable renewable power to homes and businesses. Who Is Lavo Hydrogen Technology? Lavo Hydrogen Technology is an Australian startup that … [Read More]

Tesla Solar Roof Installed In 4 Just Days

Weddle & Sons Solar Roof Install

A Tesla Solar Roof has been installed in just 4 days by Weddle & Sons Roofing in Auburn, Kansas. The installation included removing the existing roof, laying down a weatherproof underlayment, and installation of Tesla’s v3 Solar Roof tiles. What is special about this project is that solar tile installations of this type typically take … [Read More]

What Is A Tesla Powerwall?

What Is A Tesla Powerwall?

The Tesla Powerwall is a home-based rechargeable lithium-ion battery designed to store solar power generated from Tesla’s Solar Roof and Solar Panel systems for later use when the sun is not shining. The Powerwall also provides emergency backup, time-based control and other grid service applications. A Short History Of The Tesla Powerwall Tesla began developing … [Read More]

Tesla Solar Roof Patent Filed In Europe

Tesla Solar Roof European Patent

Tesla has filed a European patent application for its Solar Roof, suggesting that it plans to expand its solar energy product’s reach to international markets in the near future. The application’s title “PACKAGING FOR SOLAR ROOF TILES” not only details the tiles and their packaging, but the complete process of Tesla Solar Roof installation from … [Read More]

What Is A Tesla Solar Roof?

Tesla Solar Roof Guide

The Tesla Solar Roof is a building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) system that completely replaces an existing roof with sunlight collecting solar tiles. In contrast, a traditional solar panel installation affixes brackets and panels over an existing roof. Therefore, Tesla’s offering allows for installation of a beautiful integrated PV system without compromising your home’s traditional sight lines, … [Read More]

What Is An Electric Wheelchair?

Electric Wheelchairs

An electric wheelchair, also referred to as an electric-powered wheelchair or EPW, is propelled by using electrical energy to power an electric motor. In contrast, traditional wheelchairs are manually powered using the occupant’s arms and hands. Electric wheelchairs are not a recent innovation with early prototypes dating back to the early 1930s. However, a recent surge … [Read More]

What Is An Electric Unicycle?

What Is An Electric Unicycle?

An electric unicycle, also referred to as an EUC, is a self-balancing personal transporter that travels on a single wheel. EUCs use computerized gyroscopes and accelerometers to self-balance. Riding speed is controlled by leaning forward and backward and direction is controlled by twisting one’s feet. A Short History Of The Electric Unicycle Who Makes Electric … [Read More]