What Is An Electric Motorcycle?

An electric motorcycle, also referred to as an e-motorcycle, is a two or three-wheeled vehicle that is propelled by an onboard electric motor. In contrast, traditional motorcycles use gasoline to power an internal combustion engine. Electric motorcycles are not a recent innovation with early prototypes dating back to the late 1800s. However, a recent surge has occurred in EV development and adoption over the past 10 years due to environmental concerns, enhanced performance offered by emerging electric motor and battery technology, and significantly reduced maintenance costs associated with electric motorbikes. With most major motorcycle manufacturers currently selling one or more types of e-motorcycles, and the number of at home and commercial charging stations increasing at an exponential rate, electric motorcycles are just now becoming “ready for prime-time” and are expected to comprise almost all of the automobile market within the next 20 years.

A Short History Of The Electric Motorcycle

Who Makes Electric Motorcycles?

The following manufacturers make electric motorcycles:

Cake 0 Emission LogoCake 0 Emission
Stockholm, Sweden
Jiangsu, China
Johammer LogoJohammer E-Mobility
Bad Leonfelden, Austria
KYMCO Motorcycles LogoKYMCO Motorcycles
Spartanburg, South Carolina
Ottobike LogoOttobike
New Taipei City, Taiwan
Segway LogoSegway
Redmond, Washington
Sur-Ron LogoSur-Ron
Folsom, California
Verge Motorcycles LogoVerge Motorcycles
Seinäjoki, Finland
Chongqing, China
Zero Motorcycles LogoZero Motorcycles
Scotts Valley, California

Electric Motorcycles In The News


Manufacturers: Cake 0 Emission, Horwin, Johammer E-Mobility, KYMCO Motorcycles, Ottobike, Segway, Sur-Ron, Verge Motorcycles, VOGE, Zero Motorcycles