What Is An Electric Aircraft?

An electric aircraft is an aircraft that is propelled through the air by an onboard electric motor. In contrast, traditional aircraft use gasoline or jet fuel to power an internal combustion engine. Electric aircraft are not a recent innovation with the earliest known electrically powered dirigible airship dating back to the late 1800s. However, a recent surge has occurred in electric aircraft development and adoption over the past 10 years due to environmental concerns, enhanced performance offered by emerging electric motor and battery technology, and significantly reduced maintenance costs associated with electric aircraft. Many plane and helicopter manufacturers are already selling one or more types of electric aircraft, which are expected to comprise a large portion of the personal aircraft market within the next 20 years.

A Short History Of The Electric Aircraft

Who Makes Electric Aircraft?

The following manufacturers make electric aircraft:

FlyNano LogoFlyNano
Models: FlyNano
Opener LogoOpener
Models: Blackfly
Vertical Aerospace LogoVertical Aerospace
Models: Poc, Seraph, VA-1X
Watfly LogoWatfly
Models: Atlas

Electric Aircraft In The News


Manufacturers: FlyNano, Opener, Vertical Aerospace, Watfly