What Is An Electric Commercial Vehicle?

Electric commercial vehicles use electric motors and can include transport vehicles, agricultural vehicles, and construction machinery.

An electric commercial vehicle is propelled by using electrical energy to power an electric motor. In contrast, traditional commercial vehicles use diesel or gasoline to power an internal combustion engine. Commercial electric vehicles can be transport vehicles, such as buses, trucks, or vans, agricultural vehicles, such as combine harvesters or tractors, or construction machinery, such as excavators or wheel loaders.

A Short History Of The Electric Commercial Vehicle

Who Makes Electric Commercial Vehicles?

The following manufacturers make electric trucks:

Freightliner LogoFreightliner
Models: eCascadia, eM2
Fuso LogoFuso
Models: eCanter
Lion LogoLion
Models: Lion8
Mercedes LogoMercedes-Benz
Models: eActros, eCitaro
Tesla LogoTesla
Models: Semi

Electric Commercial Vehicles In The News


Manufacturers: Fuso, Freightliner, Lion, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla

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