Skip S3 Electric Scooter Outed With New Batteries

Skip S3 Electric Scooter

Electric scooter manufacturer Skip unveiled the newly ruggedized S3 today. Designed with enterprise grade features, the tougher S3 electric scooter should be better equipped to withstand the brutal life of a rental EV. Yes, these are rentals … they are not for sale! Who Is Skip Scooters? Skip Scooters is, in short, a scooter rental … [Read More]

Jaguar I-Pace EV Woos Tesla Owners

Jaguar I-Pace EV Driving

Jaguar I-Pace sales are about to receive a boost thanks to a new electric vehicle incentive program aimed at converting current Tesla owners into I-Pace owners. Jaguar is offering Tesla owners, and members of any Tesla owning household, an additional $3,000 bonus to buy an I-Pace luxury electric vehicle. This brings the total purchasing incentive … [Read More]

Rad Power Bikes To Deliver Domino’s Pizza

E-Bikes Delivering Domino's Pizza

Rad Power Bikes, North America’s largest e-bike brand, has designed custom electric bicycles for the Domino’s Pizza chain that will facilitate more efficient, and environmentally friendly, Domino’s pizza delivery. The e-bikes will officially roll out in Baltimore, Houston, Miami, and Salt Lake City later this year. Why Is Domino’s Using E-Bikes To Deliver Pizza? Domino’s … [Read More]

Rad Power Bikes RadWagon

Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 2019

The Rad Power Bikes RadWagon is truly one of our favorite electric bicycles. An affordable e-cargo bike with thoughtful design and stylish looks, the RadWagon is an excellent peddle-power assisted environmentally conscious EV helping to save the planet … and, it’s just so much fun to ride! What Is The RadWagon E-Bike? The Rad Power … [Read More]

Rad Power Bikes For 2020

Rad Power Bikes 2019

Rad Power Bikes designs and markets electric commuter bikes with the goal of making sustainable transportation more accessible to the masses. Roaring onto the green alternative transportation scene to great fanfare, Rad quickly became North America’s largest e-bike brand. Who Is Rad Power Bikes? Rad Power Bikes began simply as a group of dedicated e-bike … [Read More]

Tesla Electric Cars For 2021

Tesla Electric Cars 2021

Who Is Tesla, Inc.? Tesla, Inc., formerly known as Tesla Motors, is an American automotive and energy company that manufactures electric cars and renewable energy products such as the Solar Roof, Solar Panels solar panels and large-scale clean power storage batteries. After its first 10 years in the electric vehicle market, 2018 saw Tesla become … [Read More]